Who Is Bad Bunny?

Who Is Bad Bunny?


April 17th, 2023


Making a huge impact on the music scene and dating a super star model, a lot of people are asking: Who is this guy called Bad Bunny? Well, let us enlighten you. Bad Bunny — the son of a truck driver and a teacher — grew up in Vega Baja, a small town near the island’s capital San Juan. Born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, young Benito honed his vocal skills in the children’s choir at church, before growing into a pre-teen who loved spending hours developing beats on his computer, as he also began delving into everything from bachata to the Bee Gees. He was working at a supermarket bagging groceries when he got a call from a label over his viral plays on the DIY platform SoundCloud. Thus began his rapid explosion to the top of global music — the highest-grossing tour, the most-streamed artist — over the course of which he’s remained firmly rooted in his own heritage. He proudly celebrates Puerto Rico and its traditions through his music and his public persona, while also evoking a comfort with contemporary societal evolutions including gender fluidity, which is particularly appealing to youth. The reggaeton titan first appeared at a music festival in 2018, as a guest of rapper Cardi B and has never looked back. On a personal tip, yes he is dating Kendall Jenner.


  1. Justin Yee says:

    Bad Bunny is hotter than hot right now. I knew he was from Puerto Rica, I knew that he exploded after performing with Cardi B ( I was there) and I knew he was dating Kendall Jenner. What I didn’t know was that he was the son of a teacher and working at supermarket when he got his deal. Thanks for the info, NRH.

    Justin Yee
    San Diego, CA

  2. Zoe Zuckerman says:

    When I first heard his name—Bad Bunny— I was like: “You are kidding me?” Now, I am a huge Bad Bunny fan. If you are not into Bad Bunny—sorry. You are not into today’s music scene.

    Zoe Zuckerman
    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Mike Behind The Mic says:

      LOL. Zoe you made me laugh. I remember thinking: What is a Bad Bunny? Then I heard his music and watched him explode.

      Mike Behind The Mic

  3. Jade Richards says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with Bad Bunny. Everyone I know is too.

    Jade Richards
    Boston, MA

  4. Leslie Vaughn says:

    I like Bad Bunny, but dating a Kardashian turns me off. Okay, she’s a Jenner but same show.

    Leslie vaughn
    Green Bay, WI

    • Paulie Jordan says:

      Don’t worry. It won’t last. This time last year she was dating that NBA guy from the Phoenix Suns. Now Bad Bunny. This time next year someone else. Just enjoy his music. Bad Bunny is hot. Love his music.

      Paulie Jordan
      Ashland, OR

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