October 22nd, 2019


Ron Ramsey Jr continues building a rather huge story for his just released “Comin’ Back Home.” After weeks on our “most added” list, it’s now making bold moves on our Country Top50 and is also a “breakout” Hit over at New Music Weekly and on the Independent Music Network. This multi-talented writer and recording artist from Owensboro Kentucky first got his break performing at the infamous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. His music has been described as “Somewhere between Steve Earl & the Rolling Stones.” Many other music industry experts are already expressing excitement. “Our predicted hopes for Ron’s debut single have all been verified,” says Chad Bell from our editorial department. The head of the Independent Music Network, Gary Hendrix stated: “Everybody needs to keep their eyes and ears on Ron Ramsey, Jr.” Other critics have noted that: “This guy is a “beast” and this album is a BOMB!”  Ron Ramsey Jr is truly on his way with his breakout single “Comin’ Back Home.” Be sure to watch his video of “Comin’ Back Home” on YouTube.


  1. Lola Lee Little says:

    “Comin’ Back Home” really got my attention when I first heard it. I instantly liked it and wanted to hear it again. It’s a hit for sure.

    Lola Lee Little
    Tupelo, MS

  2. Paulie Jordan says:

    Ron Ramsey Jr is on his way to being the Country breakout artist of 2019. I first heard him on the Independent Music Network and loved his song. Hope there is more where that came from. Good music.

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

  3. The Man in The Booth says:

    I am always on the lookout for new artists and Ron Ramsey Jr is one of my favorites in 2019. Keep going Ron. You have a lot going for you.

    The Man in The Booth

  4. DeLisa Lambert says:

    I am willing to bet that “Comin Back Home” is just the beginning of a string of hits for this artist. I loved the song the first time I heard it.

    DeLisa Lambert
    Oklahoma City, OK

  5. Olivia Cole says:

    Strong start for Ron Ramsey Jr. I look forward to listening to more from this man in the future. You know he has a lot more from where “Comin’ Back Home” came from.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

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