April 29th, 2015


To say that rising star Chris Cox has a new hit single on his hands is an understatement. This week his “Sunday Morning Guitar” (CMM Records) moves up to Top20 status (#20* on our Country Top50) is 5th “most increased” and #1 “By the Vote” from fans around the world. The single is also is “on the move” at New Music Weekly and is closing in on the top spot on the Independent Music Network’s Top30 Country chart as well. Chris Cox is no stranger to the world of music charts. His first CD, “Heaven To Win,” aired in over 35 countries around the world and had two Top 10 Singles in Europe, while the title cut zoomed up the Independent Music Network’s Country charts giving Chris the unique fame of having the same song chart on two different continents at the same time. With all this success, there is no danger that it will go to his head. “My Mom is my office manager and she doesn’t go for that,” laughs Chris. And then there is his daughter Cassadi. “No matter what has ever happened to me in this life, or whatever I may have experienced before or since, nothing prepared me for how much love I felt the first moment I held my baby girl in my arms,” related Chris. So as “Sunday Morning Guitar” rapidly rises to the top, Chris Cox has his feet firmly planted on the ground. And the good news is that there are plenty more hits from where “Sunday Morning Guitar” came from. Tune in and stay tuned to Chris Cox. For additional information please contact FAF Media/Debi Fee –


  1. Elise Coleman says:

    Loved “Sunday Morning Guitar” the moment I heard it. Thanks for a little background on the artist, Chris Cox. I like the song even more now.

    Elise Coleman
    Klamath Falls, OR

  2. Nicole Gray says:

    This song hits a “sweet spot.” Nice song from a new artist. Not surprised he is rapidly rising in the Country Indie Market.

    Nicole Gray
    NY, NY

  3. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    I listened to this track and I get why radio is spinning the hell out of “Sunday Morning Guitar.” Don’t sleep on it.

    Mike Behind The Mic

    • The Man in the Booth says:

      Rare occasion I agree with Mike Behind The Mic, but “Sunday Morning Guitar” is what we all should be spinning.
      Never heard of the artist before, got a pitch on him, listened and I’m onboard.

      The Man in the Booth

  4. Cooper Turner says:

    I can understand why this song is taking off. Good music from a new artist is always a pleasant surprise. Like music insider Nicole Gray says, it has a nice little sweet spot. Enjoyed the background on Chris Cox you gave us, NRH. Always makes for better listening experience. I like how you keep the features short and “punchy.” I personally hate artist bios when they drag on and on.

    Cooper Turner
    Franklin, TN

  5. Dianne Dixon says:

    I’m so happy to see Chris Cox doing so well. I had the opportunity to see him perform at Legend’s Corner for the Independent Music Network event and he was so good. He performed “Sunday Morning Guitar” and he was awesome and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. That was the first I had ever heard of him, but he is going to be huge. What a talent. I hope he comes back to Legend’s and performs with Buck Mc Coy because I am a Buck fan too.

    Congratulations Chris Cox.

    Dianne Dixon
    Nashville, TN

    • Butter Hayes says:

      I was at that IMN event at Legend’s too and Chris Cox was great. I wanted him to do more songs that night. Happy to see “Sunday Morning Guitar” do well. I can say I saw him in the beginning at Legend’s Corner!

      Butter Hayes
      Memphis, TN

  6. Chris Cox says:

    Thanks SO much for your great comments about “Sunday Mornin Guitar” !! Glad y’all like my song! =)
    I can’t help but continue to be floored by the tremendous love & support shown by my fans & radio for this song… Awesome! <3 ya!
    Make sure to come & visit me on Twitter sometime! @chriscoxcountry

    • T. Pierce says:

      Very cool that Chris Cox took the time to reply. How many artists take the time to do that? From my experience in this crazy business (25 years plus), not very many. Chris Cox, you are a great guy with a great song. I wish continued success. You deserve it.

      T. Pierce
      Hollywood, CA

  7. I,m one of your older newest fans. I like your new cd, thought it really showed the strength of your vocals. Sunday morning guitar, was great in fact the hold cd was very good. But My favorite still is Haven to win. You also got two thumbs up from my son. You got the young and the old from my family can’t do any better than that. You know I had to say all these nice things because I think your Dad can still beat me up. That’s not true. I think you are very talented and wish you much success. God Bless

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