May 22nd, 2019


Mason Marek is making big moves at radio from Country to Mainstream with his debut single “Drifter.” Hailing from New Ulm, Texas, a town west of Houston, Mason grew up singing songs with his grandpa while he played across Texas with his band. But when his Grandpa died, he fell out of love for music. After high school,  Mason rediscovered his passion for music and he started playing and writing again. Then tragedy struck with the sudden passing of his best friend of 17 years. This time, however, music helped him cope and Mason began to turn his experiences into lyrics and melodies. He decided to record  songs thinking it was time to start a new chapter in life. In 2018, his song “Drifter” was in the top 15 of the Texas Music Spotify Charts. Opportunity has allowed him to open for many well-established Texas artists. Today, he is taking his band, The Drifters, and chasing that Texas Red Dirt Scene, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. Mason Marek is continuing to write from the heart, perform from the soul, and letting that Texas dirt road be his guide. The music world is very excited as “Drifter” from Mason Marek now moves to the top of the charts. 


  1. DeLisa Lambert says:

    Mason Marek needs to cross the stateline and do some shows In Oklahoma. I love “Drifter” and bet there is more good music from where that came from.

    DeLisa Lambert
    Oklahoma City, OK

    • D.J. Ward says:

      I’m with you DeLisa. Drift on over to Oklahoma Mason. Will welcome you with open arms. “Drifter” is a hit song and my personal favorite right now. Good song, good vocals, good all the way around.

      D. J. Ward
      Stillwater, OK

    • Mason Marek says:

      Thank you so much! You can listen to more on my spotify, Apple and more!

      • DeLisa Lambert says:

        Hey there Mason. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don’t do Spotify or SoundCloud or any of that. I am a radio girl. My family was in radio so it is a tradition. Like a lot folks, if you ain’t on the radio, I won’t be listening to you. We here in Oklahoma proudly support radio stations. So, I hope you keep your music on air because you have a good song going. Hope you release more to the stations who are the backbone of America.

        DeLisa Lambert
        Oklahoma City, OK

  2. Nicole Gray says:

    I first heard Mason Marek on the Independent Music Network in April and thought I hope this artist gets the right people behind him because this song could be really big. Obviously, he did. Keep going Mason. I bet “ Drifter” is the beginning of great things to come.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

    • Mike Behind The Mic says:

      I heard it on the Independent Music Network first too. They tend to have finger on the pulse of Indie Artists and break songs first over there. I jumped all over “Drifter.” Mason Marek certainly has a story to tell. Enjoyed learning more about the man behind the hit song. Thanks NRH.

      Mike Behind The Mic

  3. Alyson Avery says:

    Good article on Mason Marek. It shows how the power of music can heal, inspire and motivate us all. I wish Mason Marek the best of luck in his career. By the success of “Drifter “ it should be a long and successful journey.

    Alyson Avery
    St. Joseph, MO

  4. Jodee Lancaster says:

    “Drifter” is a good song and deserves to be # 1. Spin it people!

    Jodee Lancaster
    Mobile, AL

  5. Butter Hayes says:

    Mason Marek came out of nowhere with “Drifter.” He must have a good team behind him to get this song to hit so quick. Good job Mason. If you keep going you could be really big. Best of luck to you.

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

  6. Kathy Weige says:

    So proud of you an I know your grandfather is right there with you
    Love you an so proud ❤️

  7. Matt Kelly says:

    Couldn’t be more proud of Mason Marek! This is well deserved! Solid songwriting and true passion for his craft are paying off! Cant wait to see where this takes him. There are many good songs on this record and I see a string of hits coming! Glad the world has finally took notice! Cant wait to see them live next month!

  8. Gary Elliott says:

    You can listen to Mason’s ep “Take my Advice” on You Tube if you don’t do Spotify, I don’t, can’t figure it out. Huge fan of Mason Marek, not only talented but has a heart of gold. Family man with a lovely wife and 3 of the cutest kids (sorry ladies)

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