Marsha Jewell Destined To Pen “Tomorrow”

Marsha Jewell Destined To Pen “Tomorrow”


September 25th, 2014


Singer/Songwriter Marsha Jewell said she woke up one beautiful Sunday morning with this song on her mind and in her heart. “The lyrics and melody poured out of somewhere beyond myself,” she recalls. “When my feet hit the floor, the song was complete and on my iPhone notepad. I headed downstairs to my keyboard to get the melody securely memorized in my fingers. I had already scheduled a meeting with my song arranger that afternoon to finalize the songs for my album I Love.” Marsha would release I Love and have seven # 1 singles before she released the song she wrote that morning — “Tomorrow.” “I now realize that ‘Tomorrow’ was destined to be the final message for my love story collection written in memory of the great love and loss of my late husband Don,” relates Marsha, who lost her husband tragically a few years ago. Currently, that miracle song “Tomorrow” is on three NRH charts, but Marsha is most excited about being on the Christian chart and on Christian radio. “ ‘Tomorrow is a prayer song of struggle, hope, and a cry to God for help. A song of vision of what tomorrow can be with full realization of today’s tragic depths. We need more than ourselves to get us through today to that beautiful place of ‘Tomorrow.’” Contact: FAF Media/ at 310-877-9006 (fafmed

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Marsha Jewell Destined To Pen “Tomorrow”


  1. T. Pierce says:

    I am very familiar with Marsha Jewell’s body of work. I like her songs a lot, and until “Tomorrow” I particularly liked “Ragged Angel.” Now that I know the back story to “Tomorrow,” I am listening to it with new ears, so to speak. This is another # 1 for her I am sure and well deserved , I might add.

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

  2. Gwyn Carter says:

    When I saw this article I had to make a comment. I love Marsha Jewell and her songs. She always manages to touch me with her music. I didn’t know the story behind “Tomorrow,” so thank you for sharing it, NRH. From personal experience, I can say not only is her music wonderful, Marsha Jewell is a wonderful human being. And please know, there is more good music on its way from this super singer/songwriter.

    Gwyn Carter

  3. Ilda Calvert says:

    It is a great picture, and I can’t wait to hear the song. We still miss Don, and I know how much you do. We love you!! Always know that. I still cry every time your first album plays.

  4. Harrison Funk says:

    I came to know about this artist through the Independent Music Network. I have liked each song she has released and now that I know the back story to “Tomorrow,” I have the utmost respect for her and her music. Keep singing Marsha. I look forward to your next amazing song.

    Harrison Funk
    New York, NY

  5. Erika Marshall says:

    I love this song and what an inspiring story. Marsha Jewell, you are a “Jewel” in this business.

    Erika Marshall
    Sioux City, IA

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