February 4th, 2020


Joey Canyon’s “Take Me Back” (Glo Dot) has reached #1* on our Country Top50 chart. The single is also #1 on the Independent Music Network’s Country Top30 and has numerous #1 positions over at New Music Weekly as well. Radio has actually been extremely positive and excited about this heartfelt song. “It’s already one of the “most requested” songs here,” says Michele Sanders music director for the new WHNE radio in Music City. No stranger to National Radio Hits, “Take Me Back,” written by the legendary songwriter John Allen Woodward, is the follow up to Joey’s “Matter Of Time” that also reached #1 at National Radio Hits. Joey believed that he had another winner on his hands from the very start. “I knew it had a chance to be really big with my traditional country fans,” remarked Joey. He’s had a string of #1 singles from his The Rhythm of Livin’ CD, a second album for Joey that delivered timeless classic country, “as country was meant to be.” His music and additional information can be found at with music available on ITunes, Spotify, CD Baby and most digital music outlets. And stay tuned to Joey Canyon because there is a lot more to come from this man who started to sing professionally in 1973 and has no intention on stopping as long as people love good, classic country music.


  1. Jodee Lancaster says:

    “Take Me Back” deserves to be a number one song. One of my favorites right now and I look forward to Joey’s next release. He always delivers good solid Country songs—-just what I like.

    Jodee Lancaster
    Mobile, AL

  2. Butter Hayes says:

    Congratulations Joey! Another # 1 under your belt and on to the next.

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

  3. DeLisa Lambert says:

    Joey Canyon gives you timeless country songs every time. No surprise that “Take Me Back” made it to the top of the charts.

    DeLisa Lambert
    Oklahoma City, OK

  4. Sean Kamanski says:

    Joey Canyon knows his audience and gives them what they want. A long the way, people like me come a long for the musical ride too. Congratulations Joey on another number one,

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  5. The Man in the Booth says:

    It’s never easy to get to #1. It takes a team to get you there and to do it consistently takes a team plus talent and good songs. Congratulations Joey on another #1 achievement.

    The Man in the Booth

  6. D. J. Ward says:

    My Mom and Grandmother love Joey Canyon’s songs. They are not into Keith Urban or Eric Church. They want the music that takes them back to another place and time. They are going to be over the moon that Joey Canyon’s song is number 1. Good for you, Joey.

    D.J. Ward
    Stillwater, OK

  7. Sabrina Barnett says:

    Joey Canyon’s music is heartfelt with meaning and soul. His musical essence honors a traditional country sound. I simply love the authentic, pure messaging in each song. The album quenches my thirst… for there truly is a drought out there for Americana music. Thumbs up for Joey Canyon.

    Sabrina Barnett

  8. Joey Canyon’s music is rich with soul. His deep messaging touches your heart. I thirst for traditional country music and for many of us there is a drought out there! Keep shining and sharing authentic Americana sounds with the world!
    Thumbs up Joey Canyon

  9. Lola Lee Little says:

    Joey Canyon keeps it Country. So happy “ Take Me Back” hit the top. True Country music fans love you, Joey!

    Lola Lee Little
    Tupelo, MS

  10. Eric Todd says:

    After all the years of playing saloons and bars, paying your dues, the pay off finally hits. Well deserved my friend and you are true to your heart, pushed on, day by day, week by week and now the recognition.

    Love you Brother and look forward to sharing our music together again. Congratulations, much deserved ….

  11. Joey Canyon says:

    I am very humbled and grateful for your kind comments regarding my music and “Take Me Back”
    My fans have truly made my music #1 and all of you are #1 in my heart!

    God Bless you…Joey Canyon

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