August 23rd, 2017


To say that newcomer JoAnna Michelle and her debut single “Too Sophisticated” (Twin Angel) is doing well at radio would be an understatement. In fact, the single is pulling in huge numbers on both our Top40 and AC40 charts again this week, an indicator of a solid “crossover hit.” The powerhouse track got its start ranking on the Top25 on the Billboard Dance charts and is now moving at lighting speed at FMQB where it just hit Top 50 (#47*) on their Top200, at New Music Weekly and on the Independent Music Network’s Top30 Mainstream chart where it is Top10 (#8*). “Too Sophisticated” is also now breaking on the Top40 Mediabase chart where it’s already closing in on their Top 100 in record time, a huge accomplishment for a new artist on an independent label. JoAnna Michelle has actually been training for this all her life. A native of Wichita, Kansas, she spent the majority of her childhood studying and emulating hundreds of artists of both past and present generations, appreciating and “sponging” everything from southern rock to hip hop, country/western to pop, rock to rap, and everything in between. As early as first grade, JoAnna began piano lessons, and has since become a true multi-instrumentalist – proficient at drums, guitar, keyboards and vocals. “Too Sophisticated,” a song about dealing with bullies and the new age of cyberbullying, is the track that is proving after all those early years of hard work, it was well worth it. But then, if you have a passion for something, which JoAnna truly does for music, it isn’t hard work at all. Keep your eyes and ears on the rising young star as “Too Sophisticated” bullets across the airwaves and up the charts.


  1. Paulie Jordan says:

    Wichita, Kansas, huh? Heard the song and liked it but didn’t think she was a mid-western girl. Cool.

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

  2. Zoe Zuckerman says:

    “Too Sophisticated ” caught my attention right away. I like the song even more now that I know JoAnna Michelle is a hardworking girl who is serious about her music.

    Zoe Zuckerman
    Pittsburgh, PA

  3. Corey Roth says:

    Any song that is against bullying and cyberbullying, I’m down with. This song is a great way to get the message across. I like this artist.

    Corey Roth
    Huntington Beach, CA

  4. Alexa Quinn says:

    This song is hot. When I think of the summer of 2017 I’ll remember this song. I like how she is following her dream, too. JoAnna Michelle is a star on the rise. I hope to hear more songs from her.

    Alexa Quinn
    San Francisco, CA

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