It’s About Time!


September 28th, 2022


Lionel Richie will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November and perhaps you are one of the millions of music loving fans who thought he was already there. He should have been and it is about time, so congratulations Lionel. Dolly Parton is also being inducted but guess what? Willie Nelson never has been. And the list of artists ignored by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame keeps growing. Smokey Robinson was elected decades ago, but Diana Ross only got in as part of the Supremes. So here’s a few other artists you probably thought were already Hall of Famers. Wrong. Check it out. Then go to the the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website and see who else has been ignored.

*George Michael
*REO Speedwagon
*Barry White
*Iron Maiden
*Kool & The Gang
*Judy Collins
*Blood Sweat & Tears
*Sting (The Police made it in, but not Sting as a solo artist)


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