January 20th, 2022


The Independent Music Network has announced its winners for their annual Independent Music Network Awards. The final list is in based on popularity & votes via the network’s sight.

IMN is pleased to reveal the very best for 2021 in the independent arena & they invite artists and bands to now participate in their Winners & New Discoveries 2022 Radio Special for both the Mainstream and the Country formats. Recording artist and radio personality Buck McCoy will host both shows again from his Nashville studios where he will also provide detailed information on many of the winners and new artists featured. If you feel you have something new to offer or meet the winners criteria, please contact talent director Debi Fee @ FAF Media310-877-9006 ( in order to secure a spot on this all important syndicated radio show. The current list of Winners are as follows:


Mainstream Winners:

Mainstream Single

“I Got The Music In Me” April Diamond & David Longoria

Mainstream Male Artist

Garrett Young

Mainstream Female Artist

Brandy Moss Scott

Mainstream Impact Artist

Papa Chico

Mainstream Group 

Thadeus Project

Mainstream Breakout Single

“Thoughts & Prayers” Rebecca Angel

Mainstream New Discovery Artist

Art Carter

New Artist Breakout Single

“Fire Inside” Christopher Joyner

Country Winners:

Country Single

“Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” Mike Kuster

Country Male Artist

Del Robbins

Country Female Artist

Callie Young

Country Duo


Country Impact Artist

DK Davis

Country Breakout Single

“Ain’t The Beer Cold” Harrison Country

New Country Solo Discovery Artist

Kevan Michaels

New Country Discovery Artist Group

Travis Reid Ball & the Trouble

Additional Winners:

Favorite Crossover Artist

Eileen Carey

Inspirational Song of the Year

 “Find The Stars” Terry Bell

Entertainer of the Year

Christine Van Hoy

Record Label of the Year

West Coast Collective

Producer of the Year

Jim Cartwright

 Holiday Song of the Year

“Going Home For Christmas” Johnny Dan

IMN Fan Favorite

John Michael Ferrari

Video of the Year

“Vitamin U” Poppyiris



  1. Butter Hayes says:

    Being the Country Music fan that I am, I am so happy to see hard working Indie Artist get the recognition they deserve. And a few of my favorites won like Christine VanHoy who delivers great songs each and every time, Travis Reid Ball & The Trouble who got me on my feet singing their song at the top of my lungs and Del Robbins who won my heart with his “Love Is Always 17,” one of the best songs of the year. Congratulations to all the winners. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

  2. Erika Marshall says:

    I love it that the Independent Music Network recognizes and rewards Indie Artists who give us all such great music. Congrats to all winners and to those who were nominated too. The best music is Indie music!

    Erika Marshall
    Sioux City, IA

  3. Justin Yee says:

    So much good music on the Indie scene this year, I bet it was hard to pick the winners. But IMN has announced the Best of 2021 and I can’t disagree. Rebecca Angel is an amazing talent, Brandy Moss Scott could sing the phone book and I would listen, and who didn’t love “I Got The Music in Me” by April Diamond & David Longoria? 2021 was a strange year, but the music was awesome.

    Justin Yee
    San Diego, CA

  4. Bud Howard says:

    Loved “Fire Inside” and happy to see it win. Was hoping I would hear more from Christopher Joyner because “Fire Inside” was so good. Congrats Chris, now give your fans, like me, more.

    Bud Howard
    Jefferson City, MO

  5. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    Big “Thanks” to The Independent Music Network for rewarding the Indie Artists who are literally the back bone of the industry. IMN continues to be one of the few music outlets who supports the Indie and gives them a chance to be heard around the world.

    Mike Behind The Mic

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