September 24th, 2019


Gramma Rikki is taking the radio world by storm and surprise as her current single “Earth-Ship” makes amazing moves at AC40. It’s also now officially moved to Top40 as well giving her yet another crossover hit single. She made her mark at radio with the debut hit single “You.” The song, taken from her CD Blind Leading The Blind, found its way to #1* on the AC40 charts here at National Radio Hits and on the Mainstream Top30 at Independent Music Network where it’s still a big fan favorite. With respect to her latest offering she explains: “I have been working for years on finding a way to capture the vocal texture of John Lennon. “I’m a pretty big Beatles admirer and even though I’m not trying to sound like him, I re-developed the masterful technique that George Martin originated and that has never really been done again after the Beatles.”  More specifically, “In regards to “Earth-Ship,”  it celebrates an interstellar ride that earth has been on since being visited by alien life eons ago when they introduced life to our planet. We are the evolution of that life and we have been traveling through space and time and are closer to coming full circle with those that gave us our beginning. They will recognize us as their children and we will be welcome at the reunion. This is not necessarily an actual physical trip, it could be spiritual, or it could be metaphysical. The listener can decide how to view it. With the release of the new “Earth-Ship,” Gramma Rikki is really taking her music career to an even higher level. Her album Blind Leading The Blind along with the brand new single can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and most digital outlets. So get on board “Earth-Ship” as it heads to its landing spot at # 1.


  1. Cam Cotton says:

    I first heard Gramma Rikki on the Independent Music Network and instantly liked the song she had out then called “You.” Then I heard her latest, “Earth-Ship” and I was blown away. Gramma Rikki, I am your number one fan,

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

    • Mike Behind The Mic says:

      The Independent Music Network seems to break new Indie artist first and that’s why I listen. IMN had her on the show with Buck McCoy and I fell in love with her sense of humor. “Earth-Ship” rocks and listeners love it, so spin away people. And Cam, I’m her #1 fan but you can be #2.

      Mike Behind The Mic

    • gramma rikki says:

      Cam, You have absolutely made my day! THANKS, HUGE THANKS!

  2. Nicole Gray says:

    “Earth-Ship” is amazing. Gramma Rikki is amazing. Everyone should be spinning this song.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  3. Olivia Cole says:

    Thank you NRH for a great story on Gramma Rikki. I love finding out about artist I listen to and Gramma Rikki is a favorite of mine. Love “Earth-Ship.”

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Phyllis Adelman says:

    GrammaRikki is definitely into channeling! Outstanding!

  5. Peter Shaw says:

    Gramma Rikki fills a missing dimension and importance…..

  6. Melinda Wold says:

    Grandma Rikki has done it again! My family and I just love listening to her music and singing along!

  7. Melinda Wold says:

    We love Gramma Rikki! My family and I just love listening to her music and singing along!

  8. Jackey Cutler says:

    How cool that Gramma Rikki took the time to write notes to people who posted on NRH. I’m impressed with her and her music.

    Jackey Cutler

  9. Donna Shaw says:

    Best two songs, Love them both! Can’t wait for the next to be released!

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