June 9th, 2015


“National Anthem” by FLAUNT is fast becoming a huge Summer sensation. The single ranked at the top of the “most added” charts here and at New Music Weekly and FMQB. The early chart moves are quite dramatic as the track blows past some heavy hitters. Not only is the single getting traction at radio, it’s also building a fast pace on the US dance pool charts as well. “A strong crossover flavored project that works for us” notes Ronnie Matthews from the Starfleet Music Pool in Charlotte, NC & Sam LaBelle from the Sound Works Record Pool in San Francisco, CA tells us, “Flaunt has a strong entry on our Top 50 Chart this week”. This is not Flaunt’s first trip to the rodeo, so to speak. They hit the music scene hard last year with “Codon,” earning an Independent Music Network Award as New Discovery Artist along with three New Music Weekly Award nominations. They continued their winning ways with “Have I Made My Point,” and “National Anthem” is well on its way to surpassing the first two. Flaunt has their finger on the pulse of what is hot in today’s market. And it has only just begun. Debi Fee/FAF MEDIA


  1. T. Pierce says:

    I discovered Flaunt with their first single on the Independent Music Network’s syndicated radio show. Loved it, but Flaunt out did themselves on this one. They get better and better with each release. Love this track.

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

  2. Chase Summers says:

    Hey Flaunt! If you read this, keep doing what you do because it is awesome. “National Anthem” is a hit.

    Chase Summers
    Cleveland, OH (Go Cavs!)

  3. Rafe Robinson says:

    Radio needs to jump all over this single. “National Anthem” is what listeners what to hear.

    Rafe Robinson

  4. Ann Louise Armstrong says:

    Flaunt has done it again. First two singles were exceptional, but “National Anthem” is on another level. I’m impressed.

    Ann Louise Armstrong
    Pittsburgh, PA

  5. Coco Bailey says:

    Everyone always talks about the future of the music industry. Flaunt’s sound is the future, so take notes. “National Anthem” is exactly what this industry needs. Light it up, Flaunt!

    Coco Bailey
    Santa Monica, CA

  6. A.C. Harper says:

    The article on Flaunt says Flaunt has a finger on the pulse on what is hot in today’s market. Give the public what they want. Flaunt knows the secret. And that is why this is their third successful single, although “National Anthem” is my favorite to date. Keep doing what you do, Flaunt.

    A.C. Harper
    Philadelphia, PA

  7. Flaunt says:

    Thank you all so very much for these kind and encouraging words. We are very grateful for the support on this record! Peace/// FLAUNT

    • Nicole Gray says:

      Okay, I’m impressed and it takes a lot to impress me in this business. But an artist who takes the time to respond, impresses me. I have been listening to Flaunt since the first release and I think they just keep getting better and better with each single.

      Nicole Gray
      NY, NY

  8. Michael Gabriel says:

    “Have I Made My Point” was a favorite of mine this year, but I think Flaunt’s “National Anthem” takes them to another level. I simply like their stuff and think Flaunt is just beginning to make a name for themselves in music.

    Michael Gabriel
    Seattle, WA

    • Flaunt says:

      Thank you Mr. Gabriel! We loved HIMMP as well but we were so excited to get this track out there.

      It’s very wonderful to know people are connecting with our music. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!

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