February 24th, 2015


In the first weeks of release to radio, Brandy Moss Scott’s “Bye, Bye Baby” raked at the top of the “most added” charts from AC40 to Top40 at New Music Weekly, FMQB and right here at National Radio Hits. The powerful single has also been among the “most increased” on both formats and continues to build strong and impressive numbers. “After my unbelievable success with ‘Benny & The Jets,’ my publicist suggested I release one of her favorite songs of mine, ‘Bye Bye Baby.’ She sent it to my radio promotions man and he agreed with her. And the way it has taken off, it looks like they were right,” explained the Billboard Award nominated singer. “Believe it or not, ‘Bye Bye Baby’ was written while I was driving in the car with my husband. It has nothing to do with my husband and I, but if you watch the video being played on National Radio Hits, he plays the detective. I think at one time or another in our lives, we all can relate to ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and that’s why I write music. I hope to touch people’s lives and encourage them to be strong and sometimes we just have to let go and say bye bye baby and move on.” “Bye Bye Baby” is available on iTunes, as well as all of Brandy’s CDs. For more information contact Debi Fee, FAF Media


  1. T. Pierce says:

    I love this artist. In fact, I have worked with her and I have to say, besides having a beautiful voice, she has a great sense of humor. I believe her ballads are the best because you can really hear the range of her voice. I hope people watch her video which is airing on National Radio Hits. Her husband is perfect in the role of the detective. Great production on both the song and the video. Brandy’s a pro.

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

    • Gwyn Carter says:

      I have worked with Brandy Moss Scott too and love her voice, especially her ballads. I work for the Independent Music Network’s syndicated radio show and I must say she is really popular with our listeners. A very cool lady.

      Gwyn Carter
      Chatsworth, CA

  2. Nicole Gray says:

    I have been of fan of this lady ever since I heard her hit song “I Don’t Really Know.” I was introduced to her at the Billboard Awards that same year, and she was so much fun to talk to that I felt I had known her for years. She is an amazing singer, songwriter and entertainer. “Bye Bye Baby” is a strong ballad that showcases her voice. It’s a hit!

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  3. Cherise McQueen says:

    This should be an anthem for all the ladies. We your man doesn’t act right, do right or be right, play him “Bye-Bye Baby” by Brandy Moss Scott.

    Cherise McQueen
    Carson, CA

  4. Miles Mitchell says:

    OMG! This woman can sing! Love this song, love her voice and I want to hear more. I watched the video and it was great, too. Love videos that tell a story.

    Miles Mitchell
    New Orleans, LA

  5. Cat Connelly says:

    I am very familiar with the songs of Brandy Moss Scott. This woman can sing. Her ballads really showcase her vocal power. “Bye Bye Baby” is definitely a song that gives us strength and power when a lover cheats. “This is where the end begins, bye bye” is a great line. I know she has done several cover songs (Benny & the Jets, Brother Louie come to mind), but when she writes a ballad, and sings life into it, it is powerful. Keep the ballads coming Miss Moss Scott.

    Cat Connelly
    Richmond, VA

  6. Regina Fuller says:

    I was just watching all the videos posted on this site and I have to say I love Brandy Moss Scott’s video of “Bye Bye Baby.” It brought the song to life and was so well done. It was like a mini movie. Love the song even more and am happy my station is playing it.

    Regina Fuller
    Raleigh, NC

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