April 21st, 2020


Billy Vera is back on the radio with a hit single in “A Simple Little Song” (Vera Cruz). It’s a fast track single breaking on our AC40 chart with plenty of steam to go “all the way.”.Taken from his current album Timeless, this music gem puts Billy back were he belongs. Billy was born in Riverside, California but actually grew up in Hartsdale, NY. His father was radio and television announcer Bill McCord and his mother, singer Ann Ryan, was a member of the Ray Charles Singers backing Perry Como on his TV show and his hit records. Billy went on to a songwriting career and in the 60s, wrote songs for Barbara Lewis, Fats Domino, The Shirelles, Ricky Nelson among many. In 1967 along with good friend Chip Taylor they penned “Storybook Children” which later became his first Hit with singer Judy Clay. The ground breaking decision to place former gospel singer Judy Clay with Billy in a black-white duet was a commercial and artistic success and the two became huge favorites at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. It was a move to Los Angeles Vera where he teamed up with his old friend, bass player Chuck Fiore and they put together a band to play the local club scene called The Beaters. On a legendary Monday midnight show at the Troubadour, the band was signed to Alfa Records. Now known as Billy & The Beaters they had their first big hit in “I Can Take Care of Myself.” Billy biggest success, a song called “At This Moment”, went to #1 on both the Pop and AC charts and stayed on the charts for 21 weeks. “At This Moment” propelled a movie career and he and the Beaters were featured prominently in the Bruce Willis movie Blind Date, the TV series, Wiseguy and several other roles on shows such as Baywatch, Boy Meets World, and a recurring role as Duke on Beverly Hills 90210 as well as nine appearances on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Billy and the Beaters are still playing the Southern California club scene, he continues his work as a music historian and since 1999 has been one of the top voice-over artists in the industry. Billy has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right in front of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. And won a Grammy in 2013 for Best Album Notes for the Ray Charles Box set. “A Simple Little Song” (Vera Cruz) brings Billy Vera back to radio and radio is welcoming him with “open arms.”


  1. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    Billy Vera is The Man. His history in the entertainment business is legendary and he is still going strong. I am in awe of this man.

    Mike Behind The Mic

    • The Man in the Booth says:

      Amen, Mike. But you forgotten to add Billy Vera is one of the guys in our industry.

      The Man in the Booth

  2. Nicole Gray says:

    I love Billy Vera’s latest song, but then love Billy Vera. He is the musical gift that keeps on giving. I watched the documentary on him called Harlem to Hollywood recently on Amazon Prime. He also has a book out by the same title. Watch and read. Billy Vera: I give you a standing ovation.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  3. Jackey Cutler says:

    Billy Vera is a National Treasure. During these difficult times, his current song makes me feel good and hopeful. Thank you Billy for this song and all the great songs you have given us. And I know there is more to come!

    Jackey Cutler
    Chicago, IL

    • Justin Yee says:

      You are so right, Jackey. “A Simple Little Song “ lifts my spirits ever time I hear it. I sing along and I feel better. Billy released this song at the right time. But I would have loved it no matter what because Billy Vera is one of my favorite artist – ever!

      Justin Yee
      San Diego, CA

  4. Jade Richards says:

    “A Simple Little Song” is simply the best song I have heard in a long time. There is a lot of good music out there, but “A Simple Little Song” is in that rarified air where you remember and love the song forever. Thank you Mr. Vera.

    Jade Richards
    Boston; MA

  5. Kristin Pecora says:

    When I was six, my mom took me to see Billy Vera on the Santa Monica Pier. She was in love with him and I fell in love with him that day too. She played “At This Moment” every day and always in the car. I’ve grown up with his wonderful music and love “A Simple Little Song” and all the songs on Timeless too!

    Kristin Pecora
    Malibu, CA

  6. Kristin Pecora says:

    When I was six, my mom took me to see Billy Vera at the Santa Monica Pier. She was in love with him and I fell in love with him that day too. Mom played his song “At This Moment” every day and in the car as well. “A Simple Little Song” is an awesome song and he’s still got it!

    Kristin Pecora
    Malibu, CA

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