June 19th, 2019


Some artists are born storytellers. Billy F. Otis is one such artist as he continues to dominate both our AC40 & Top40 charts with his stellar debut hit single “Fantasy Across The Room” (CVB). Who hasn’t  found it hard to get up enough courage to walk up and try to talk to their “Fantasy Across The Room”?  We all have. That’s the beauty of the song and the artistry of Billy F. Otis who started playing music late in life — when he was 40 years old to be exact. His brother-in-law gave him a C harmonica and instructional book for his 40th birthday present. It was on. Billy learned to sing and play the harmonica and within a few years was fronting The Crow Valley Band which was a fixture on the Washington, DC bar and night club circuit. In his mid-fifties Billy started writing songs with local DC guitar ace Mike Ault. Back then Billy didn’t play guitar, but Mike did and he was good. Mike wrote the music and Billy wrote the lyrics and before long they had a guitar case full of songs. As life sometimes does it sends people down different paths. Mike began to focus more on playing guitar for manufacturer Paul Reed Smith in his band the PRS Band and Billy got sober. Now in recovery, Billy had all these songs but no one to play them with, so he did the only thing he knew how to do. He taught himself how to play guitar and began pursuing his dreams as a solo artist, singing and playing the tunes he had written with Mike and others that he had written on his own. “Fantasy Across The Room” is one of those songs. Fast forward to today.  Billy is playing writing and singing music full time and there is nothing he else he wants to do. His greatest ambition is to perform his original music wherever and whenever he can. “It’s my hope that people enjoy this new song half as much as I did in creating it,” says Billy. Apparently, they are. “Fantasy Across The Room” is on fire, lighting up radio stations across the nation.  Stay tuned, Billy F. Otis has more stories to tell.


  1. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    What an inspiration Billy F. Otis is. Everyone should be spinning this song. Good work, Billy. Keep going because we need more storytellers and more good songs like yours.

    Mike Behind The Mic

  2. Alexa Quinn says:

    I love “Fantasy Across The Room” and now I love the man behind the song, Billy F. Otis. What an interesting life that lead him to music and then sharing his music with the world. Thanks NRH for the good story and thanks Billy for the great song.

    Alexa Quinn
    San Francisco, CA

    • Thank you Alexa –
      Everything that I’ve done in my life, good and bad has led me to the spot where I’m at. Thanks for going through it with me.
      Billy F. Otis

  3. Cam Cotton says:

    As I was listening to the Independent Music Network, I heard this song and thought “Fantasy Across The Room” —- who hasn’t had that happen to them? What a great idea for a song. The next I heard it I was singing along. Now it is favorite of mine and after reading about Billy F. Otis, I’m a fan. Storytelling in song is an art and I love it. This song should be on every radio playlist.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

  4. Corey Roth says:

    “Fantasy Across The Room” is just s cool song written and performed by a cool dude. I love it.

    Corey Roth
    Huntington Beach, CA

    • Thanks Corey –
      You’re way too kind. There’s a line in the tune that goes “…thinkin’ that I’m just not cool” which is a bit more how I view myself. With that said I’m glad you dig the song.
      Billy F. Otis

  5. Olivia Cole says:

    I really enjoy reading about the artist whose songs I enjoy. “Fantasy Across The Room” is a Favorite and I think Billy F. Otis is an amazing person who was meant to make music.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

  6. The Man In The Booth says:

    I’m spinning “Fantasy Across The Room.” The moment I was given it, I thought this Billy F. Otis may have written this song for me. LOL. I am very impressed with his back story and very impressed that he takes the time to reply to those of us who post. I am really wanting this guy to hit # 1. Keep pushing Billy. Don’t stop. Run with this song.

    The Man In The Booth

    • Dear Man In The Booth –
      Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a bit crazy over the weekend. It was my birthday but I’m back in the saddle today.
      Believe it or not I do try and respond to everyone who posts here and on my FB Page Billy F. Otis Music. The only reason I have gotten this far is because people like you get me and the music.
      Thanks for the love & Thanks for the spins!!!
      Billy F. Otis

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