October 21st, 2014


“I’m living life backwards,” jokes Billy Bob Earl, whose current Country hit, “Hard Times On the Run,” is running up the charts and airwaves of America. “When I hit 50, the kids were grown and moved out, so I turned my energy to music and acting. And here I am with two # 1 songs, making music videos seen on YouTube, won the Independent Music Network’s New Discovery Country Artist of 2013 award and fortunate to have several small acting roles to my credit. I’m living life backwards and I am thankful every day for all the blessings. I want everyone to know that age has nothing to do with anything.” Billy Bob lists Garth Brooks, George Jones, George Strait and Willie Nelson among his favorite artists and no doubt Willie Nelson would agree with Billy Bob that age has nothing to do with anything.


  1. Jessica Perkins says:

    Amen! Thank you Billy Bob Earl for reminding all of us who aren’t 21 any more, that all things are possible if you just go for it. Love “Hard Times on the Run” too. Now, more than ever.

    Jessica Perkins
    Indianapolis, IN

  2. Erika Marshall says:

    Nice story about Billy Bob Earl. I’m gonna tell my Dad because he loves Country music and he too followed his dream after all of us kids were on our own. “Hard Times on the Run” is a good song. Hope to hear more from this artist.

    Erika Marshall
    Sioux City, IA

  3. Don l McCoy says:

    Wow this is awesome, what a great accomplishment for real country music,this is Truly a great song, great job Billy Bob Earl, keep up the great work, I just downloaded your album from iTunes, continued success. Don

  4. Jenny Gregory says:

    I have been lucky enough to see Billy Bob Earl perform. He has a fantastic voice and writes most of his own music. His style appeals to fans of all ages. I want to hear more of his music played and attend his life performances. Age has nothing to do with how good you look or sound. BILLY Bob Earl proves that.

  5. Cheryl randal says:

    I’m lucky enough to have one of Billy Bob Earl’s CD’s. His music keeps me going all day long. Love the lyrics, love his sound. He is the REAL DEAL. Keep his music playing.

  6. Jenny Gregory says:

    Congratulations to Billy Bob Earl jumped to # 29 on National Charts in 1 week. Everyone visit video site. http://www.youtube.com/watch? V=8yEH-YKOJW8. Keep voting everyday. HARD Times On The Run

  7. Jenny Gregory says:

    There is a correction on above post for Video Billy Bob Earl. HARD Times On The Run. Go to. http://youtu.be/8yEH-Yk0JW8? a. This should open site. If not please go to Web page Billy Bob Earl.com to view. Great videos

  8. Jeremy says:

    I saw Billy recently perform live and I really dug his sound, glad to see he’s getting some recognition.

  9. Jenny Gregory says:

    The video for Hard Times On The Run is great. Fantastic job Billy Bob Earl and Donnie McCoy.

  10. T. Pierce says:

    Billy Bob Earl has an interesting story. It is nice to know that when you reach a certain age, it is not any longer about getting the big record deal, because let’s face it — after 35 it ain’t coming. But rather about just having fun. And I think it easier to do that when there is not the pressure of finding the major label, but playing and making music for the love of it. See, there are some big benefits with age!

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

    • Ted Connor says:

      I agree with T. Pierce. We all know there is no major label deal coming after a certain age no matter good you might think you are. So, just go out and get some airplay, book a few gigs, shake a few hands and have fun. You aren’t gonna’ make a million. Hell, you might make a couple thousand if you are lucky and have a good team behind you, but having fun at that age is priceless. You go Billy. Enjoy the ride.

      Ted Connor
      Nashville, TN

  11. Brian T says:

    I personally have known Billy Bob for many years. He’s worked hard over the years and writing music was always just a hobby. He’s a very sincere guy and has had a lot of hard times and disappointments. Now he finally has time to pursue his real dream in music. It’s tough road but it doesn’t matter cause he loves what he’s doing and is really enjoying his life now. Keep voting for BILLY BOB EARL.

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