January 28th, 2015


Over the past 2 weeks Bill Curreri’s new single, “Fade Away” (BCM) has ranked at the top of the “Most Added” charts at FMQB, New Music Weekly and right here at National Radio Hits. In addition, the single is already moving up the AC40 charts at record speed and appears to be well on its way to being Curreri’s second big radio hit for the man from New York City. Son of Italian-American immigrants, Bill was raised in Greenwich Village, NY. In 2014, “Son of An American Dream” taken from his CD of the same name, brought him immense radio play and earned him The Independent Music Network’s Award for Favorite Male Artist of the Year. The song was immediately embraced by radio and fans alike and his second single, “Fade Away,” is following in the same footsteps. Bill Curreri is delivering songs radio wants to play.


  1. Alyson Avery says:

    “Fade Away” is a song that you remember long after it stops playing because it is still playing in your head. Nice to find out a little bit about the artist who created it.

    Alyson Avery
    St. Joseph, MO

  2. Erika Marshall says:

    I first heard Bill Curreri on the Independent Music Network and loved his “Son of an American Dream.” His follow up single is just as impressive. What a talented an interesting man.

    Erika Marshall

  3. Cody Mason says:

    I love Bill Curreri’s 2 songs that I have heard. Just good stuff, but I also like this guy as a person. When you find out an artist whose music you like has the same values you have, well it just makes the songs better for you. Thanks NRH for telling us about this man . Keep doing what you do, Bill.

    Cody Mason,
    Tampa, FL

  4. Lisa Jacobs says:

    Love this song ! Love this artist. He is the real deal.

    Lisa Jacobs
    Boston, MA

  5. Ashley Jennings says:

    “Fade Away” is one of my favorite songs right now. By the way, my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family were Italian immigrants so I think I have something in common with this artist besides loving his song. Just sayin….

    Ashley Jennings
    Evansville, IN

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