March 20th, 2018


BARLEY STATION is fast becoming one of the top new independent bands at radio. They are already closing in on our Top10 at AC40 with their debut single “Younger Summer Memories” which is also #1 “By the Vote” for a third week. In addition, the red-hot single has now crossed over to Top40 where it ranks 2nd “most added” just ahead of the monster single from Taylor Swift. Taken from the band’s second album Damaged Goods, this is not Barley Station’s first rodeo. The Midwest band has had songs on the radio since 2012 with the release of their first CD, After All. Comprised of front man/producer Randy Wayne Belt (vocals, bass) and Brian Kious (vocals. guitar), the two originally came together when they were fronting another band. When they decided to venture out on their own in 2011, Barley Station was born. They hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. Considered a crossover blend of Americana, Country, Pop, Folk and even Rock/Alternative, Barley Station has a hit on their hands with “Younger Summer Memories.” Written by Belt, the song is about a summer long ago, when life was simple (isn’t it always when you are a kid?), a girl and the summer sun. Who doesn’t have a dozen summer memories and who doesn’t like to remember when and what might have been? And a song like “Younger Summer Memories” can take you there again. As the calendar rolls into Spring, Barley Station’s “Younger Summer Memories” is rolling to #1.


  1. Jade Richards says:

    One thing that is guaranteed to keep me warm this winter is a summer memory. So a song like “Younger Summer Memories ” is just what I want to hear right now.

    Jade Richards
    Boston, MA

  2. Cam Cotton says:

    I first heard this song last week on the Independent Music Network’s radio show and longed for those summer days but the memories did make me feel warm inside. Thanks Barley Station. Good timing on this song.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

  3. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    Nice track to left our winter blues. Barley Station has a hit on their hands with “Younger Summer Memories.”

    Mike Behind The Mic

  4. Sean Kamanski says:

    Nice little track about summer memories and who doesn’t have them, right? Lyrics don’t really relate to my summer memories but it is a good summertime song. I can understand why it is moving up the charts.

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  5. Jackey Cutler says:

    I have to admit the song had to grow on me. The opening when they sing of crickets and creeks, well I’m a city girl and I was laughing. But as the song goes a long, I did get caught up in the hook. So if you can get past the opening, it’s a happy little song perfect for Spring and Summer. And after this winter, Summer is looking good.

    Jackey Cutler
    Chicago, IL

  6. awesome track and musicians!

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