February 3rd, 2015


Ariana Hodes and her remake of the song classic “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” (Ocala) is currently breaking at AC and at Top40 radio. It’s already Top 5 at New Music Weekly and just cracked the Top40 chart at FMQB. This red hot single is also closing in on the Top10 at both Top40 and AC40 right here at National Radio Hits. So why did a young singer who moved last year from Concord, New Hampshire to Nashville to release such an iconic song? “It is just a timeless classic,” relates Ariana, whose father and mother were in the family rock band, Peggosus. “It’s the ultimate break-up song and well, we’ve all gone through that, haven’t we?” But Ariana Hodes isn’t all about doing cover songs. “I write songs. I hear lyrics and melodies in my head, and Country music is still all about the song.” And Ariana has made “You Don’t have To Say You Love Me” a hit song once again. Watch for some amazing weeks and months ahead at multiple formats for Ariana Hodes.
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  1. Lisa Jacobs says:

    This is such an emotional song and an iconic one, but Ariana Hodes handles it quite well. I can understand why it is zooming up the charts and getting so much AirPlay. Nice to find out she is a songwriter, so thanks NRH for the story. I often wonder with cover tracks if that is what the artist is about. Apparently there is more to this singer than that. Looks like Ariana Hodes is a new artist to watch.

    Lisa Jacobs
    Boston, MA

  2. Coco Bailey says:

    This is a classic song and Ariana Hodes did it justice. No wonder radio jumped on . I personally love it.

    Coco Bailey
    Santa Monica, CA

  3. Jodee Lancaster says:

    Ariana Hodes is a singer to keep your eye on. This is great song.

    Jodee Lancaster
    Mobile, AL

  4. Donovan Zane says:

    This song blew me away when I heard it. Ariana is a really good singer. A new talent to watch for sure.

    Donovan Zane
    Scottsdale, AZ

  5. Paul Hodes says:

    Thanks for the positive comments! We’re really proud of Ariana and all the work she’s putting in to her career. Please spread the word!

    • Sarah Lincoln says:

      She is an amazing singer. I am sure you are proud of her for many reasons. I first heard her on the Independent Music Network’s radio show and wondered who she was. Loved that voice.

      Sarah Lincoln
      Orlando, FL

  6. Peggo Hodes says:

    Ariana has a wonderful voice. I am very proud of her versatility and expressive singing.

  7. Ashley Jennings says:

    I am too young to remember the original version of this song. I just know I love it and I think Ariana is a star.

    Ashley Jennings
    Evansville, IN

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