NFL Legend & Country Music Superstar To Host CMAs

NFL Legend & Country Music Superstar To Host CMAs


August 1st, 2022


The Country Music Association has named two hosts for their live Award show coming in November—-Luke Bryan (no surprise because he hosted last year and was awesome) and Hall of Fame football icon, Peyton Manning who just happens to be good friends with Luke. “I cannot wait to head to Nashville and take the CMA Awards stage alongside my friend Luke Bryan,” admitted the two-time Super Bowl champion and five-time NFL Most Valuable Player. “I am such a huge fan of Country Music, so to have the chance to stand among so many incredibly talented artists is an absolute honor.” Luke is just as excited too. “When I was asked if Peyton Manning is someone I would consider co-hosting with, I didn’t hesitate. We have become great friends through the years, and what he brings to the table is gonna make it even more of a blast. I know he’s been to the CMA Awards before, but he’s never been with me.” What some country fans and football fans may not know is that both Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan are big pranksters, so anything can happen on this live telecast and probably will—-but it will sure be fun. The show is scheduled to take place November 9 at the Bridgestone Arena and will air on ABC. Luke is also coming back for another year as a judge on ABC’s “American Idol,” while Peyton co-stars on a weekly alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast with brother Eli Manning on the sister network ESPN. Peyton also headlines the NFL documentary series “Peyton’s Places” on ESPN+ and has hosted the ESPYS. No doubt this will be a CMA Award show to remember. Mark your calendar.


  1. Sean Kamanski says:

    This is going to be the best award show ever with those two as host. Whomever thought of this is brilliant. Can’t wait and I don’t even like award shows.

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  2. Danielle Le Parc says:

    I am from “Manning Country” and I would not miss this award show for anything. Peyton’s sense of humor along with Luke Bryan’s will make this show a ratings hit.

    Danielle Le Parc
    New Orleans, LA

  3. Nicole Gray says:

    I am such a Manning Family Fan that I cannot wait to watch Peyton co-host this show with Luke.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  4. Justin Yee says:

    BRILLIANT! Combining these 2 to co-host the CMA Awards is nothing short of brilliant. In the day and age of award shows being nothing less than boring, it definitely will not be boring with these 2. Who cares who wins?

    Justin Yee
    San Diego, CA

  5. Jackey Cutler says:

    I usually fall asleep in the middle of most award shows, but I bet I don’t with the CMAs this year. I am really looking forward to Luke and Peyton. Best idea for hosting an award show ever!

    Jackey Cutler
    Chicago, IL

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