July 29th, 2014


A new music chart is set to break revolutionary ground as National Radio Hits makes its debut this week. The creative team of Coleman, Barber, Borosak & Miller have joined forces with industry pros Terry Simmons and Larry Weir to launch a music chart that combines both the action of radio with the votes of music fans. You hear some music shows boast that their numbers are ‘by your votes,’ when in fact that is never true,” according to Simmons. “With the new National Radio Hits charts, fan votes will actually impact the outcome of the weekly charts,” adds Weir who is also a record producer/promoter. Radio will be the driving force for the new charts that will include Top40, Country, AC40 and Christian but fan votes will make up a decent percentage for the weekly outcome. In addition to the weekly charts, there will be special news features and tracking available to subscribers. Those features will provide additional charts along with inside radio and voting information. Music fans are invited to participate and will be allowed one vote per day per format. Radio stations who are interested in reporting can contact National Radio Hits via email: while interested subscribers and industry may contact NRH by writing to: To find more about this new and cutting edge music chart you can visit NRH now by going Media Contact: Debi Fee/FAF Media Group –


  1. Gwyn Carter says:

    Congratulations on your launch. This is exciting and exactly what the music industry needs!

    Gwyn Carter
    Encino, CA

  2. Coco Bailey says:

    This launch is one of the best things that has happened in the music business in a long time. The music industry is changing and National Radio Hits is on the cutting edge and is here to stay! Congratulations on a job well done.

    Coco Bailey
    Santa Monica, CA

  3. Teri Bennett says:

    It’s about time a chart like this was developed. The music industry is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago and changing with the industry is key to staying in the industry and not becoming a relic like some charts we know. To the team at National Radio Hits: you are innovative, creative and current! Congratulations!

    Teri Bennett
    Los Angeles, CA

  4. The Man in the Booth says:

    As a DJ and program director who has made his living in this crazy industry for 25 years, I am thrilled with National Radio Hits. I will happily be reporting to you and proud to be at the beginning of what will be a history making, game changing set of charts!

    I will sign off as I always do,

    The Man in the Booth

  5. Mike Behind the Mic says:

    I cannot let “The Man in the Booth” have the last word— and he knows it. Anyway, I’m on board with NRH and will be reporting too. Time to move into the future. 2015 is around the corner and NRH is leading the way into the future of reporting stations. Honest, fair and professional is the only industry people I care to deal with these days. Good Job NRH! Long may you reign!

    Mike Behind The Mic

  6. Harrison Funk says:

    I had to come to this site to see what all the buzz was about and believe me, you have this industry buzzing NRH. Obviously, NRH is leading the way in the “new” music world. No wonder you have created such a positive buzz. No doubt NRH is here to stay and I, personally, couldn’t be happier to have an innovative, reliable and current charting system. Well done.

    Harrison Funk
    New York, NY

    • Nicole Gray says:

      Mr. Funk, You’ve created quite a buzz in your time with MJJ. So, you know what you are talking about. Good to see you here, but you are always on top of the latest, hippest, most innovate things in the industry. And that certainly describes National Radio Hits, doesn’t it?

      Nicole Gray
      New York, NY

  7. Nicole Gray says:

    National Radio Hits. You are a winner! I am proud to be part of the music industry because you have to keep up with the times or be left behind. NRH. You are what today’s music industry is all about. Those “behind the times” other charts are going to have to follow your lead or be left in the dust. And dusty they really are! Congratulations on, as others have said, being innovative and current.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  8. I can’t let New York have the final say,so let me say NRH is here to stay, and an Idea whose time has come.Congrats on making an honest and reliable chart for those of us in radio to report to.

    Larry Simpson
    Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex

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