March 10th, 2015


MIRAGE BOX continues to break big at radio with their debut single “Juarez” (Growlyman Endeavors). Their debut single has not only been at the top of the “most added” lists from FMQB, New Music Weekly to here, on our National Radio Hits AC40 chart, it’s also crossing to many Top40 outlets as well. Described as “Modern Retro” — a celebration of the great songwriting and music production of the artist heyday of the late 60s and through the 70s — Mirage Box is a creative collaboration between Nick Coppola, a prolific songwriter and lyricist, and Chris Capozza, a multi-instrumentalist audio engineer and music producer. Mirage Box’s music production employs many of the classic sounds and instruments of the by-gone era, but with a modern slant. No wonder “Juarez” is flying high at radio. And don’t miss their “Juarez” video on the NRH’ Video Spotlight section. Outstanding song, outstanding video make for a big hit single for Mirage Box. and there is more where that came from. For additional information please contact FAF Media/Debi Fee at 310-877-9006 (


  1. Coco Bailey says:

    Modern Retro? I’m all in. LOVE the video. Mirage Box– you have a huge future in front of you. Get your team together and enjoy the journey!

    Coco Bailey
    Santa Monica, CA

  2. Andrea Anderson says:

    Mirage Box makes the kind of music I like. The video is so well done. The photography blew me away. No doubt “Juarez” will take off at radio. This is a band of the future. Don’t sleep on them.

    Andrea Anderson
    Chicago, IL

  3. Lisa Lenore says:

    “Juarez” is the kind of song that defines a band. It is the kind of song you hear and say, “This is good stuff and I want more.” My station better jump all over it because this is what our industry needs. Good job, Mirage Box.

    Lisa Lenore
    Seattle, WA

  4. Linda Taylor says:

    This song has a defining instrumental that I cant seem to get out of my head. Beautiful, deep, haunting and uplifting all at once. Way to go, guys. Keep the hits coming – clearly the talent is there.

    • Cory Carter says:

      That was the perfect way to describe the song — haunting. Then you watch the video and it all comes together even better. I am very impressed with Mirage Box. Liked reading about them, so thanx NRH.

      Cory Carter
      Redlands, CA

  5. Michael Griffin says:

    Mirage Box is the real deal. Long career in front these guys. Video is right up there with the best of them too.

    Michael Griffin
    Boston, MA

  6. Nigel Williams says:

    Love the song, you can feel a hidden cry for help. It brought me right in.

  7. A beautiful, heartfelt song and video about hope and battling your inner
    demons. I’m a fan!

  8. Chris Sexton says:

    I have it in my car and play it non-stop. The words are profound; it oozes angst; hard-hitting, at times melodic. It speaks to all of us; the song of a soul going thru torment yet there is always hope and a belief in a higher power.

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