December 2nd, 2014


The latest single from Matt Backer, “Histrionic Narcissist Blues”, taken from his newly released album Get Backer, is moving rapidly at New Music Weekly, FMQB and right here on our National Radio Hits Top40 and AC40 charts. To say that Matt is an amazing artist and musician is an understatement. Besides being a successful solo act, he continues working as lead guitarist and band leader for the legendary ABC, and he has just finish a world tour with the popular act. Matt has also performed such services for Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle, and has also worked with the likes of Joe Cocker, Cher, Julian Lennon, a list that goes on and on. His music has been used on such hit TV shows as “CSI,” “Entourage,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” and “Third Rock From The Sun,” to name a few. And he is no stranger to the world of TV commercials with his music being used on ad campaigns for McDonald’s, Kelloggs, Chrysler and MTV. Matt was born in New Orleans, and was educated in Venezuela, Belgium, the US and the UK, and is quick to tell you he lives beyond his means with his wife and children in North London. Did we mention he has a quick wit and sense of humor? Currently his numbers for his latest single, “Histrionic Narcissist Blues” are building by leaps and bounds. Visit him now by going to . His radio campaign is being quarterbacked through National Record Promotion/Larry Weir – 323-658-7449


  1. Nicole Gray says:

    Even though we are in this crazy entertainment industry, ever so often an artist comes along and you go–WOW! Matt Backer is one such artist. Singer, songwriter, musician — he does it all and makes it look easy. Love his latest single! Thanks for the article so more people can know about his incredible credits—and he has more to come, I am sure.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  2. T. Pierce says:

    I have been in this business a long time and know about Matt Backer and his amazing accomplishments. He is the kind of artist that is here to stay and thank God for that. Love “Histrionic Narcissist Blues.”

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

  3. Leslie Vaughn says:

    I first heard Matt Backer on the Independent Music Network shows years ago and loved his music. Thank you for giving me some background on the man because I didn’t know how much he has contributed to the music world. He is amazing and I, too, love his latest song.

    Leslie Vaughn
    Green Bay, WI

  4. Mike Behind the Mic says:

    I spin the heck outta Matt Backer every time he releases a single. But leave to NRH to give me good background I can use on air. Love Matt Backer! Love National Radio Hits. Both are leading the way into 2015! Good job.

    Mike Behind The Mic

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