June 26th, 2019


Recording artist Joey Canyon is back at Country radio and moving at a very fast pace with his new single “Matter Of Time,” a timeless, classic country imagery with vocals reminiscent of traditional country stalwarts Strait, Gosden and Jennings. Written by Joey’s good friend, John Allen Woodward, it is a poignant tune of heartache and lost love. “This song cuts to the bone. Everyone has lost a painful love at one time or another, and I’m no exception,” Joey reflects. “It felt like it was written for me, my heart was all over it, and I just had to record it.”  The new release is also crossing over to many AC40 stations as well giving him yet another crossover hit. Many have come to know Joey via TV on his The Joey Canyon Show, as a  frequent guest host of episodes on Heartland TVs music video program Country Fix.and his past Country singles at radio. It’s his strong music that first brought attention to music fans and now that he’s back with more great new tracks recorded in Nashville. He’s had a string of #1 singles from his The Rhythm of Livin’  CD, a second album for Joey that delivered timeless and classic country, “as country was meant to be,” With the release of his new single Joey Canyon rekindles his  music journey that  music fans have come to appreciate.   And stay tuned for the new season of  The Joey Canyon Show which will return on the soon to launch Canyon Star Network.


  1. Butter Hayes says:

    Hallelujah! My man Joey Canyon is back on the airwaves! I LOVE his songs and this new one is another big winner for Joey! Welcome back Joey!

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

  2. Lola Lee Little says:

    “Matter of Time” is REAL country music at its finest. I don’t listen to that pop/country crap. I like my music to be the real deal Country and Joey Canyon just gave it to me with his new song. Thank you, Mr Canyon.

    Lola Lee Little
    Tupelo, MS

  3. Sounds like a hit song.A Matter of Time!!

  4. Jeff Moseley says:

    “Matter Of Time” is true country! Thank you Joey. Keep em comin.

  5. Jodee Lancaster says:

    Joey Canyon has a good old country hit on his hands with “Matter of Time.” Personally, I love it. Radio needs more songs like this.

    Jodee Lancaster
    Mobile, AL

  6. Dianne Dixon says:

    I have always like Joey Canyon’s songs. Very happy to see him back on the scene.

    Dianne Dixon
    Franklin, TN

  7. Paulie Jordan says:

    Classic Country never gets old. “Matter of Time” is one of those good old heart breaking, tear jerking Country songs that is the foundation of Country music. This could have been a hit in the 60’s as well as today. Timeless.

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

  8. PJ says:

    Another AMAZING SONG from the most Amazing country singer I have ever known!

  9. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    It’s only a “Matter of Time” before this hits #1.

    Mike Behind The Mic

  10. Samuel Allen says:

    It’s only a “Matter of Time” that Joey Canyon will top the country charts. Great job Joey!

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