December 30th, 2020


The Independent Music Network has announced its winners for the 2020 Independent Music Network Awards. The top sight for independent music artists only pays tribute to the artists and bands in the independent arena many of which have been featured on their Mainstream and Country syndicated radio shows. Here is the complete list of the 2020 Winners:

Mainstream Winners

Favorite Single:

“Starlight” Susan Toney

Favorite Male Artist:

Joe Taylor

Favorite Female Artist:

Brandy Moss Scott

Favorite Impact Artist:

Rhett May

Favorite Group or Duo:

Thadeus Project

Mainstream Breakout Single:

Gramma Rikki “Days”

New Discovery Artist:

John DeNicola

New Artist Breakout Single:

Rebecca Angel “For What Its Worth”

Country Winners

Favorite Single:

“What Gives Me The Right” Christine Van Hoy

Favorite Male Artist:

Del Robbins

Favorite Female Artist:

Eileen Carey

Favorite Duo or Band:


Favorite Impact Artist:

Callie Young

Country Breakout Single:

Billy F. Otis “Neon Nights”

New Discovery Artist:

Briana Calhoun

Additional Winners

Favorite Crossover Artist:

DK Davis

Inspirational Song of the Year:

Christine Van Hoy “What Gives Me The Right”

Entertainer of the Year:

Mind Body & Soul

Record Label of the Year:

West Coast Collective

Producer of the Year:

Garrett Young

 Video of the Year:

Mind Body & Soul ”Just A Matter of Time”

Fan Favorite:

Sivill Williams

Photo: IMN Winners Poppyiris


  1. Nicole Gray says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. And a big THANK YOU to the Independent Music Network for honoring Indie artist year after year. Indie artists need outlets like yours to be heard and get their music to the public.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  2. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    To all the winners: Congratulations and you deserve the recognition for your hard work. It isn’t easy being an Indie artist. I appreciate The Independent Music Network for not only providing a place for Indie artist to be heard with your syndicated radio shows, but you honor their work as well with your yearly awards Job well done to all.

    Mike Behind The Mic

    • The Man In The Booth says:

      I agree 100% We all need to support the Indie artist and IMN for all they do.

      The Man In The Booth

  3. Lola Lee Little says:

    OMG! So happy to see my favorites win an award. I just love Callie Young, Poppyiris and Del Robbins. Why do I love these 3? Del Robbins touches my heart with his songs, Poppyiris makes me happy and Callie Young is going to be a HUGE star one day soon. She is amazing. Congrats to all winners, too.

    Lola Lee Little
    Tupelo, MS

    • POPPYIRIS says:

      Thank you so much Lola. That meant a lot to us as our entire purpose in being performing artists and writers is to make people happy!! subscribe to our website so we can be sure to let you know when we are performing in your area.
      Lots of love, Deedee and Mike

  4. D. J. Ward says:

    During this crazy pandemic we are are all living through, it is so good to see something normal like IMN’s Annual Awards to indie artists. The music goes on and we need that so much. Music heals, music inspires, music lives on! To all the winners: Keep The Music Alive.

    D. J. Ward
    Stillwater, OK

  5. Jade Richards says:

    I am very happy to see Brandy Moss Scott win Favorite Female Artist. I have been a fan of her songs for years. Her “Bye Bye Baby” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Congratulations Brandy from your girl in Boston.

    Jade Richards
    Boston, MA

  6. Noelle Tomlinson says:

    Loved Mind Body and Soul’s video. “Just a Matter of Time” was an outstanding song, too. Happy they won. Congrats and keep the music alive!

    Noelle Tomlinson
    Washington D.C.

  7. Jackey Cutler says:

    I have noticed several people said “Keep The Music Alive.” I think that is exactly what Indie Artists do and I am happy they are getting recognized for all their contributions, especially now, during this unusual time in history. I listen to IMN shows because of the music. I loved “Starlight” and was happy it won. Also “Days” made me long for times past and I love any song Joe Taylor sings. So, I too am saying to all artists: Keep The Music Alive.

    Jackey Cutler
    Chicago, IL

  8. Dianne Dixon says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. For me, coming from Nashville, I was happy to see Briana Calhoun win because I really like her song, “Nashville.” Good work Briana and I am looking forward to more from you in the future. I also think Csllie Young is someone to watch in the future. She doesn’t seem to have recorded a lot of songs, but the 2 she has given us are very special. I hope she has more coming soon. I think she has the potential to really make it big in our industry. Go for it Callie. Thanks to IMN for honoring all the talented men and women.

    Dianne Dixon
    Nashville, TN

  9. Olivia Cole says:

    The 3 awards I look forward to are Entertainer of the Year, Fan Favorite and Inspirational Song of the Year. So congratulations Mind Body & Soul, Sivill Williams and Christine VanHoy.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

  10. Thanks so much for the New discovery Artist – Mainstream Award. Much appreciated and Congrats to all the winners.

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