February 26th, 2019


As Garrett Young’s current single, “Colorado” makes huge moves on the charts from AC40 to Country, the young musician took the time to write a message to National Radio Hits.

“Thank you to all of the hardworking men and women at radio who have been spinning my songs and to my fans and friends for the years of support. I’m just a guy from Colorado who grew up working on my family’s cattle ranch. Music, the mountains, and the ocean have always been my biggest passions. I began my musical journey at the age of 9 and have played nearly 500 live shows. I’ve had the privilege of recording with musicians such as Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses), John Jorgenson (Elton John), and Bob Glaub (Stevie Nicks), as well as working with the legendary producers Michael Lloyd and Ed Stasium (Ramones). Following our October 2018 tour through Texas (which included opening for Mike Ryan at Antone’s in Austin), my sister Callie Young and I were chosen to perform with Chevel Shepherd (winner of Season 15, The Voice). I will be adding more shows and festivals to our schedule this spring with my band, The Garrett Young Collective, during our upcoming tour through New Mexico, Arizona and California. Our live performances, as well as my self-titled debut album, explore the diverse breadth of my life experiences and influences, as well as styles of country, blues, and rock – old and new. Through my music I try to bridge genres and break the stigma of what it means to be a country boy! My goal is to reach as many ears, touch as many hearts, and perform as many shows as possible. Two singles off of my album The Garrett Young Collective  have reached #1 on multiple national charts, including National Radio Hits.  I won the Independent Music Network’s  2017 Favorite Male Artist of the Year award and the

2017 Top40 New Artist of the Year  New Music Award from New Music Weekly.  My third single from the CD, “My Friend,” hit #1 in January, and  I was awarded The Independent Music Network’s Crossover Artist of the Year award as well as Mainstream Entertainer of the Year for 2018. Callie was also awarded Favorite Country Song of the Year by IMN with her song “Bittersweet.”  Right now I am up for a number of New Music Weekly Awards, so feel free to vote for me at Currently, “Colorado” is on the move and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and support from all who are a part of National Radio Hits. Thank you radio! Thank you Fans! And thank you to my family who have always been there for me! Check my website often  ( to stay up to date on our tour schedule and new releases.  And chances are, if I’m not on a stage you’ll either find me on a pair of skis, a mountain bike, a surfboard, or on the back of a horse!”

Photo Credit: Tiana Hill


  1. Cam Cotton says:

    This is a very impressive young artist. He is definitely ready to take it to the next level.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

  2. Butter Hayes says:

    Love his new song, “Colorado.” I also went and voted for him on the New Music Weekly site because I think Garrett deserves to win a few New Music Awards. I hope his sister releases a new song soon because I loved “Bittersweet” but haven’t heard anything new from her in a long time. Hope she continues singing.

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

    • Alexa Quinn says:

      I loved “ Bittersweet” too and was looking forward to another song or EP from Callie, but I think she sings background for her brother so there may not be another song. I really was impressed Garrett sent National Radio Hits a message and it made me like him even more. “Colorado “ is my favorite song. He has one good song after another. Garrett Young is a star on the rise.

      Alexa Quinn
      San Francisco, CA

  3. Sean Kamanski says:

    If The Garrett Young Collective plays in Tucson, I would go see them. Hope my hometown is part of their Arizona tour plans. This is my kind of music.

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  4. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    Radio should be spinning the heck out of “Colorado.” His best single yet.

    Mike Behind The Mic

  5. Olivia Cole says:

    How nice of him to write a personal note thanking radio, fans and family. Garrett Young is not only talented but humble and I like his music even more now. I first heard him on the Independent Music Network and Buck McCoy said to watch out for this multitalented young artist. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but Buck knew more than I did. Garrett Young has what it takes to be very big in this business. It is his for the taking. And I liked the one song I heard from his sister, too.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

    • The Man in the Booth says:

      I agree with you Olivia. If he works hard, makes the right moves and decisions, Garrett Young will be huge. When I was given “Colorado,” I thought it was his best to date and for a “I heard it all, seen it all “ radio guy, I was impressed. I hope he goes for the gold.

      The Man in the Booth

  6. Nicole Gray says:

    Garrett Young is the new breed of artist who appeals to many people. He doesn’t box himself into one style, one genre. Garrett Young has a bright future in this business ahead of him.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  7. Corey Roth says:

    Hey Garrett! I hope your California tour includes The Strip where I first saw you a few years back. Good show, dude. Then you can come with me and surf in the O.C. Music, girls and surf doesn’t get better than in SoCal.

    Corey Roth
    Huntington Beach, CA

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