Eileen Carey Releases Music Video & We’ve Got It!

Eileen Carey Releases Music Video & We’ve Got It!


May 16th, 2023


Eileen Carey, the award-winning singer and songwriter, has released a new music video for her hit song, “Land With You.” The video beautifully captures the song’s feeling of finding someone special to go through life with. The upbeat and optimistic tone of the video is sure to leave viewers feeling happy and inspired! “Land with You” is a song that resonates with anyone who has ever longed for a that playful yet meaningful connection with someone. The lyrics describe the feeling of finally finding that person and knowing that they are the one you can just be yourself around. The music video takes this sentiment and brings it to life in a visually fun way. The “Land with You” music video is now available on YouTube and right here on NRH’s website. Don’t miss this special video from this very special artist who has also received several awards for her music over the past few months, continuing to solidify her as a force in the music industry. The first, IMN’s “Entertainer of the Year” Award, the second, the New Music Awards “Crossover Artists of the Year,” and most recently, Eileen received “Country Song of the Year” for “Land with You” from Akademia. Along with these incredible accomplishments, Eileen is a beauty ambassador of Joe Blasco Cosmetics, securing a sponsorship with the brand. Through this partnership, Eileen demonstrates her infectious essence and inspires women of all ages to feel empowered and beautiful in their own ways. Joe Blasco himself shares, “Eileen is a brilliantly talented singer, and we are proud to be one of Eileen’s sponsors by providing high- quality professional makeup for her amazing performances. We are elated to be a part of Eileen’s inspiring career!” And so is National Radio Hits. We love having her video on NRH and we know you do too.


  1. Paulie Jordan says:

    I love Eileen Carey’s music. This video is awesome too. She is a true entertainer!

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

  2. Justin Yee says:

    I first discovered Eileen Carey because I listen to the Independent Music Network’s radio shows. I fell in love with her songs. Besides having a wonderful voice, the production on her songs is amazing. She sings songs you want to hear over and over again and she never, ever disappoints. Yes, I’m a fan. I am a fan of good music and that is what Eileen Carey is all about.

    Justin Yee
    San Diego, CA

  3. Olivia Cole says:

    Eileen Carey is such a talented artist. I always look forward to her songs and never heard one I didn’t really like. I was visiting friends in San Marino, California and got to see Eileen perform live. She was amazing. I’m a fan.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Max Cassidy says:

    Thanks for sharing the video along with news on the artist. I love the vibe Eileen Carey gives off in her songs. If you listen to Eileen, you know exactly what I mean. An amazing artist who never disappoints, Eileen Carey is one of my favorites.

    Max Cassidy
    Oklahoma City, OK

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