September 13th, 2017


Recording artist Devi is having quite the run on both our AC40 & Top40 charts with her debut single “One More Day”. She survived a youthful baptism in hard-core rock ’n’ roll and more recently her rebirth as a singer/songwriter, Devi stands alone among her peers for her searing originality and fearless candor. Co-produced by Devi and The Practice Worldwide, Amazing is a kaleidoscope of romantic ecstasy (“Amazing”) loss (“One More Day”) and raw desire (“Summer Love”). It brilliantly captures the fear (“Darkness”), assertiveness (“Promises”) and exhilaration (“It’s Your Life”) that come with empowerment, as well as the difficulty of confronting your weaknesses (“Bad Boy). From deep blues — urban on “Still Got The Blues,” down-home rural on “Somewhere Between Love And Hate” — to joyous uptown funk (“One And Only”), Devi’s tunes and grooves encompass myriad styles, each one matched to her message for that tune. It is, in other words, as varied as life itself. “Amazing reflects my diversity more than anything I’ve ever done”, Devi says. “For the first time, I decided that since I love to express myself through blues, Latin/Spanish, rock ’n’ roll, club tunes and even country, why not put them all together on one album? With Amazing I finally freed all the many lyrics and melodies that have been dancing in my mind and turned them into something tangible. To me, that’s like magic.” Be assured that Devi is making her mark right here on the charts of National Radio Hits. Visit her on Facebook: Deviofficialnow and at Watch the video in our Music News Section right now!


  1. Cam Cotton says:

    I heard her song on the Independent Music Network ‘s radio show and instantly loved it. Devi is special. She is going to be around a long time.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

    • Jackey Cutler says:

      Yeah, I heard the song on Buck McCoy’s radio show on IMN and wondered who she was. Loved the song a lot. Good stuff. I agree with you. She is gonna be around awhile and I am looking forward to it.

      Jackey Cutler
      Chicago, IL

  2. Sean Kamanski says:

    The first time I heard “One More Day” it stuck in my brain. That is a sign of a hit song to me. Love Devi.

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  3. Nicole Gray says:

    This is one extremely talented artist. Pay attention to Devi.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  4. Paulie Jordan says:

    “One More Day” is a really good song. I knew nothing about the artist until I read about her here. Thanks for the info on a talented amnd interesting artist.

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

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