April 21st, 2021


The “Battle of “Britney” never seems to end. If it is not one thing it’s another. Currently, Brit’s Mom once again has issues with Brit’s Dad. Over what? Money of course. Seems like Mama Lynne feels that Papa Jamie should not be spending Britney’s money to pay his legal bills which, by the way, are close to $900,000. The legal bills were incurred when Jamie retained a law firm to represent him when Britney attempted to remove him as co-conservator of her estate. Lynne wants a judge to look over the bills. Her legal team argues that the firm’s fees are “utterly excessive.” In four months the fees are “more than all of the other law firms combined.” And if “they are determined to be improper or excessive,” they should be stricken from the bill, or if already paid, reimbursed to Britney’s estate. Coming up is yet another conservatorship hearing at the end of the month. Will Papa Jamie be in or out? Will he have to repay the estate? The”Battle of Britney” continues. In the meantime, Britney has gone to social media to send messages to her fans. “Yes, I am totally fine. I’m extremely happy. I have a beautiful home. Beautiful children. I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.” Good to hear she is enjoying herself as the :Battle of Britney” swirls all around her.


  1. Paulie Jordan says:

    10 years from now I bet the Battle of Britney will still be going on. Seriously, it will never end because the singer needs to have someone look after her best interest and everyone around her seems to think they know best. There doesn’t seem to be a “happily ever after” moment coming up in her life. I wish her peace.

    Paulie Jordan
    Ashland, OR

  2. Sean Kamanski says:

    I really hope Britney is enjoying herself. Heaven knows she has earned the right to a little peace and happiness.

    Sean Kamanski
    Tucson, AZ

  3. Jackey Cutler says:

    I know there are diehard Britney Spear fans out there, but let her go. Britney needs to just fade away. She really isn’t relevant on the music scene anymore. Her time in the spotlight has come and gone. Even she has said she may not perform again. Fine. The woman has paid her dues and then some. Hopefully, the courts will find the right person to look after her well being because obviously that is something she cannot do for herself. Sad story.

    Jackey Cutler
    Chicago, IL

  4. Nicole Gray says:

    As the Battle of Britney goes on and on, I keep hoping for a happy ending to the Britney story.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  5. DeLisa Lambert says:

    I always liked Britney. I hope some how, some way she finds true happiness.

    DeLisa Lambert
    Oklahoma City, OK

  6. Cam Cotton says:

    So talented, so beautiful, so sad.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

  7. Chase Summer says:

    Like her music or not, she is an icon. I saw her in Las Vegas years ago and her show was amazing. She is a true entertainer. It seems her life off the stage has been chaos from the start and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. She deserves better.

    Chase Summer
    Cleveland, OH

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