May 15th, 2019


Ashley Best’s love of music started with the “Bakersfield” sound when he was 10 years old. According to Ashley: “I heard Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens singing ‘Streets of Bakersfield’ and I was hooked.”  But Ashley had been surrounded my music thanks to his Grand Pap on an old reel-to-reel recorder. Grand Pap played in a Country band but passed away when Ashley was only four. But the music lingered. “I spent a lot of time growing up whistling a tune and rhyming words and always imagined myself standing on a stage, singing songs that I wrote,” recalls Ashley. Music came to his rescue in 2006 when his wife passed away, leaving him with two daughters, six and nine months old. Writing songs became his therapy and Ashley performed his first Acoustic show in 2007.  At a local County Fair, he met Jack Ingram. “I asked Jack what the key was to becoming successful in the music business, and he said: ‘Just keep on keeping on.’ ” Ashley Best has been keeping on ever since, performing every chance  he can get in any bar that will let him in. “I just keep on keeping on,” he says with a smile. Now with the release of “Cowboy”, Ashley Best will soon be finding bigger venues with a solid ever growing fanbase, because Ashley Best has broken wide open at radio with his debut single. Not only is the track a huge hit on NRH’s  Country Top50, it’s also breaking on our AC40 charts, a sign that he has a crossover hit on his hands. Keep on keeping on, Ashley Best.


  1. Nicole Gray says:

    I really like Ashley Best and his song. The first time I heard it and knew this is an artist who is going to be with us awhile.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  2. Butter Hayes says:

    Ashley Best is the best New singer out there right now! I love “Cowboy” and I know there is more from where that came from.

    Butter Hayes
    Memphis, TN

  3. Olivia Cole says:

    I read Ashley Best’s story and I just want to say thank you to NRH for letting us know more about artists. I am now in Ashley Best’s corner for life. Keep on keeping on Ashley, because a lot of folks are with you. “Cowboy” is a hit and you are on your way.

    Olivia Cole
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Dianne Dixon says:

    Ashley Best has really impressed me and I’m from Nashville so I’m not easily impressed. Keep your eyes and hears on this one.

    Dianne Dixon
    Nashville, TN

    • Mike Behind The Mic says:

      I agree with you, Dianne. Ashley Best is impressive and I predict he has a huge career in front him. Remember I said it first people.

      Mike Behind The Mic

      • The Man in the Booth says:

        Actually Mike, Dianne said it first, but I agree. There is something very special about Ashley Best. The Independent Music Network jumped on it right away and I tend to pay attention to what they play. “ Cowboy” is a hit and I think we can all agree on that.

        The Man in the Booth

  5. Cam Cotton says:

    I heard Ashley Best on the Independent Music Network and went wow! Who is this guy and why don’t I know about him? Ashley Best has a hit with “Cowboy “ and look for him to be the next rising star. Keep going, Ashley. You got that special something.

    Cam Cotton
    Troy, NY

  6. Ashley Best says:

    I want to personally thank all of you for your kind words..its been a struggle, I know its an up hill battle in this industry & I’m gonna take my time & enjoy the ride.

  7. Abby Cook says:

    Ashley kicks ass! Real genuine artist ❤️

  8. Rich says:

    Get cowboy on the air waves!!!!!!

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