June 2nd, 2015


Recording artist AIRY JEANINE is having quite the showing at radio with her current hit single “Mama’s Girl” (Kmina Entertainment). This week her stellar track ranks #17* on our AC40 Chart, is in the Top10 of our “most increased” and for several week running is #1 “By The Vote”. The single is also a breakout hit at New Music Weekly, FMQB and is building at BDS and Mediabase. And the teenage singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey couldn’t be happier as production continues on her soon-to-be-released CD. Listing among her musical influences such stars as Adele, Ariana Grande. Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, Airy Jeanine is destined to be a star in her own right. Don’t miss her video of “Mama’s Girl” on NRH’s video spotlight. Acting is in her future as well. To keep up with this rising star, go to Debi Fee/ FAF Media


  1. Nicole Gray says:

    This is one talented young lady. Mark my words, you are going to hear about her and from her for years to come.

    Nicole Gray
    New York, NY

  2. T. Pierce says:

    I first heard “Mama’s Girl” on the Independent Music Network’s radio show and thought this one has something special. I didn’t know who she was or anything about her, but I thought if she caught a break she would blow up. #1 by Vote does not surprise me. Radio needs to step up to the plate on “Mama’s Girl” and anything else Airy Jeanine does. Didn’t know she was a teenager, so I say look out Ariana , Serena and Miley.

    T. Pierce
    Hollywood, CA

  3. Tony DeAngelo says:

    Nice to have a face with the music and what a pretty face at that. Good song, pretty girl, obviously talented– she should go far.

    Tony DeAngelo

  4. Shane Edwards says:

    We need to jump all over this at radio. An up and coming talent like this needs radio support. Good song, good video, and she seems like a young lady with her head on straight. Come on, ya’ all.

    Shane Edwards

  5. Mike Behind The Mic says:

    I don’t intend to be mean, but Selena, Demi, Taylor and Miley are no longer teenage singers — over the hill and into their 20’s. I think AIry Jeanine fills that void perfectly. The music is on target, great video, and she is a cute kid who should go far. She has all the ingredients to be the next Teen Queen and I hope she makes it.

    Mike Behind The Mic

    • Kaitin Carter says:

      I just checked out her video and Mike is right. she has what it takes. Don’t sleep on this one.

      Kaitin Carter
      Seattle, WA

      • Coco Bailey says:

        A breath of fresh air. One of the reasons I subscribe to National Radio Hits is so that I can keep up with new and trending artists — example: Airy Jeanine.

        Coco Bailey
        Santa Monica, CA

  6. A.C. Harper says:

    This is the one to watch — Airy Jeanine. For such a young singer, she is comfortable in front of the camera and behind the mic. You can’t teach that. You ether have it or you don’t. She’s got it.

    A.C. Harper
    Philadelphia, PA

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